Aeon remotes stopped working today 10/14/22

All of my remotes stopped working today. I see lights on the remotes but the associated lights/scenes do nothing. Anyone have any suggestions? I rebooted hub and tried to toggle the automations. I have 3 remotes I use all the time and they all stoped working at the same time.

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Same issue here for a different brand of switches/remotes. All 10 just suddenly stopped registering presses at all.

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Same here. 5 Smartthings Buttons stopped registering any presses roughly at the same time. Batteries are fine, Temperature is still reporting in those devices.

I am hesitating to register/pair them again due to many automations. There is also no possibility to manually change the driver…

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Same here, 2 Aeon minimotes - one on DTH one on Edge. DTH driven remote stopped working to resolve I:

Factory reset the minimote

Re-added as Aeotec Minimote which assigned Edge driver (stock Z- Wave Button/Z-Wave Button MC driver(s))

Updated routines to use new device

Force delete ‘old’ DTH device

However now the ‘new’ minimote is recognised it is only reporting button pressed events erratically:

B1 pressed/held reports b1 pressed
B2 pressed/held reports b2 pressed
B3 pressed and held OK
B4 pressed reports b3 held, b4 held reports b4 pressed

The original device, on the same driver, is functioning perfectly… any ideas?

Since added an Aeotec NanoMote Quad, same driver and no issues… :roll_eyes:

Also referencing thread:

All these issues really makes me want to move to something like Home Assistant, where it all sits locally.
Sick of these issues happening whenever they do an upgrade or have a server issue.


I’ve been using the SmartThings Edge Beta Zwave Button driver for a while and my AEON (Areotec) Minimotes are working fine.

My minimote is also working, but it’s been on a custom edge driver for a while.

For those that aren’t working, is the device on a DTH or Edge driver? If Edge, did it just migrate today? Is the issue that routines connected to the buttons aren’t firing, or are you also not seeing the button presses register on the device detail screen in the app?

There are about a dozen config parameters that have to be set properly for the minimote to work as a scene controller. Just a guess but it looks like all of those parameters didn’t get set. Easiest thing to try might be an exclude/include. If you keep logcat open on the button driver during pairing you can see whether the config gets transmitted successfully.

Button presses are not registering at all in the device detail/history screen in the app.

As far the driver type: sorry to be asking dumb questions - can you point me to a link on how to learn whether it’s a DTH or Edge driver? I assume DTH, but I’ve also been a little disconnected from all the platform changes.

Open the device details, let the page load then click on the top right menu. If it’s using an Edge driver you will see a Driver option 2nd from the bottom of the list.

How do you switch to the edge driver if not using? Went to graph.api but that is gone now?

Mine is working now like others reported on the other thread. Seems faster than before. Sad it was broken for the weekend.

Same here. Mine started working again at some point on Saturday morning (US East Coast time). Wish we got more details about what caused the issue.