Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.52.21

After sitting here smugly for days not having any Z-Wave devices go offline, I finally got my just due! :yum:

Several days ago I had a water issue in my basement discussed here. The saving grace was a Zooz ZSE42 water leak sensor that alerted me to the incident.

Fast forward to this morning and I discover the water sensor had gone offline! I mumbled something I cannot repeat here, made a cup of tea, and prepared for my yoga class.

After my head cleared, I thought, “Perhaps I can make a change to some setting, so that if/when the device does wake up to check in with the mother ship to report its battery level, I can see the setting change was applied.” (Thank goodness the Zooz edge driver shows a count of un-applied settings!)

So I made a single, minor settings change.

And the device suddenly appeared once again “online!” Huh?! This is a sleepy device! Shouldn’t the device change from offline to online only when it wakes and contacts the hub? It had not done that, as the counter still showed one pending change queued to be sent at next wakeup.

The change to the settings was queued (logged) at 2:09PM. The settings sync (when the change was applied) didn’t happen until 7:33PM when–I assume–the device woke up to report battery level.

WARNING: do not count on the SmartThings platform for mission-critical tasks.

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