Aeotec siren stops when closing the door


I got a aeotec siren, which i connected to the aeotec hub. I defined au automation rule to switch On the alarm when the door opens and security is armed. The problem is that the alarm stops when i close the door. Is there a way to define an alarm duration ?
And isit possible to trigger it only on a transition closed/open ?

can you post a screenshot of the Routine

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Can’t you use STHM and eliminate the need for routines?

Hello JKP,

Thanks to reply to my request. In the mean time the behavior has improve a little bit.

I cannot send you screen shot as there is no attachment in this mailing tool.
Can you give me an email to send them ?

In the routine sensor-siren, I changed the IF by:
Aqara switch: Activated (instead of ON or OFF)


-Send notification

-Siren: Sound 2 Carillon

In this case when I open the switch, the siren start and I can close the switch and the siren continues. But in total it lasts only 8s.

Hello gst,

I try to use SmartThings as much as possible. Is it does work I shall change the tool.


STHM is SmartThings Home Monitor. It is an official feature in the smartthings app.

I believe it is available in all regions except China.