Aeotec Siren 6 Dead

I paired my Aeotec SIren 6 with my Smartthings and published the custom Device Handler. Was working fine. I was using it on battery power while trying to figure out placement. All of a sudden it stopped working. THought it was the battery so plugged it back in yesterday. This morning it is completely not responsive. IT was showing on SMartthings as offline. I was able to get it back online by going into settings and changing a few things but it never responded to anything I tried. I tried doing a normal remove from Z-Wave network. Did this yesterday a couple of times but nothing worked. Next I removed it from SMartthings by force. Tried doing a factory reset (20 second button hold), no response from the device , audio or strobe. I have it plugged in and trying to do the reset and nothing. Tied adding it back to Smartthings and Nothing. I’m about to give this thing goos throw into the pond. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Definitely no expert, but seems that if it doesn’t respond to the factory reset, it’s most likely dead. The manual states that the light should flash 3 times and then become steady white light. Keep trying the factory reset numerous times if need be. It “might” eventually work.

THanks for the feedback. That is really sad for a product after only 2 days trying to get it work properly which has been a nightmare.

Hopefully you bought it new and return it

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I’ve had a very similar experience and now have an apparently dead device.
I experienced multiple times where it would “freeze” (often with the light on).
But most recently it seems to be completely dead – no response to anything including tampering, holding reset for 20 seconds, etc.

I had a doorbell connected also and it was great for the few days this thing worked. If this is typical, they are attractive and I’m sure well-intended, but completely useless junk.

@scodes I left it unplugged for a couple of days and it came back to life. I was able to pair it again as described in the customer device handler. Still am sceptical about it but will try it out with a door contact center for a few weeks to ensure it works as expected.

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That’s good to hear

@Santiago_Perez. Thanks for your reply! Yes. I tried the same and found the same. It started blinking after the battery was tired enough. I’ve installed it using the “Siren 6 New” driver. Doesn’t really feel like a driver issue, but we’ll see.

Thanks again.

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