Aeotec Siren 6 with Smartthings hub (no doorbell)

I’m a newby to the Smartthings thing, but got the bug I guess. Anyhow, I decided to start making the house more secure, and have a door chime. I sort of went backwards in that I used the new smartthings app first. So when I baught the siren, after connecting to the hub (which went fine), i installed the divice handler from krlaframboise like I was told at

Everything is fine exept I get no alarm. The app will say that the alarm sounded, but no sound nor light. Door chime works like a charm. But I’d really like to get the siren to work. I don’t see any updated handler or anything??? the original app is a v.5.

Anyone with similar problem?

You’ll get the best and quickest answer if you ask in the author thread for that device type handler. The author will be automatically notified when new posts are added to the thread and other people who are using the same code may also be able to help.

[RELEASE] Aeotec Siren 6

If you open the device’s settings screen in the mobile app, what are the siren related settings set to?

Are you attempting to activate the siren from the device in the mobile app?