Aeotec siren keeps unpairing

I’ve had the Aeotec siren for a year now, and it worked great till a month or so ago. The siren keeps getting unpaired. I’ve repaired it twice now, and then after a day or so, it shows up as unavailable. The siren is pretty close to the hub so that’s not the issue. There are other functioning sensors farther away. Has anyone else experience the same issue, and maybe resolved the problem?
Thanks in advance!

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: “Unavailable” is a device health status specific to the SmartThings platform. It’s not the same as the device “unpairing.”

A number of people have reported a similar problem over the last few weeks. See the following thread:

@JDRoberts is most likely correct, but you can verify this by tapping the x on the unavailable screen and then tapping one of the tiles to see if the device responds.

If you’re using the custom device handler Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren you can add // in front of the line below, which is located near the top of the file, and it will disable the health check feature.

capability "Health Check"

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Im having the same issues. About a month ago one of my Aeotec Gen5 sirens went “unavailable”. There are no tiles to click to test. Yesterday my second one went “unavailable”. I unpaired them both and re associated with hub. This morning one is “unavailable” again. Im thinking something is wrong with smartthings concerning these.

It’s not just these. A number of people are reporting that many different types of Z wave devices are being marked as “unavailable” by device health. These are devices that worked perfectly, sometimes for more than a year, prior to this, and the problems all started in the last few weeks. Definitely report it to support if you haven’t already. I know it’s very frustrating.

If you tap the device you’ll see that unavailable message, but it has an X in the top right corner which will close that message and show the device’s tiles.

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Yes. I am also having the same issue with this siren. I tested whether the siren would still respond when motion was detected and thankfully it would still respond and “wake up” in the app. The “unavailable” would then disappear.

You shouldn’t have to set the alarm off to test it because you can close out of that unavailable message and use the beep tile.

SmartThings changes the status of all devices that support the Health Check capability to offline every time the hub goes offline or reboots.

Once the hub is back online the devices stay unavailable until the next time they report activity. I believe the default check in interval for this device is 12 hours, but you can change it in the settings.

I’ve been having a lot of issues with devices appearing offline lately, but it hasn’t happened to the siren. I have the checkin interval setting set to 30 minutes.

I know that, but I wanted to make sure it would sound without my intervention.

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This is happening to me and it seems like after an update.