Aeotec RGB bulb replacements

I have decided to upgrade my lighting in my bedroom in to a smart lighting with the following setup:
ST v3
Google home Mini
2 X AEOTEC multi color
2 X AEOTEC multi white

And I’m not very happy with the results due to several issues.

  • Minimal brightness level on the multi white bulbs is way way to high.
  • Very high delay between the command and the response
  • Every 3 out of 10 times one of the bulbs will not respond to a voice command.

How can i debug all the issues?
Are all these issues are bulb related or is there anything else to check.
At first i though to get the philips hue lights or other bulbs, but is it really will make a noticeable difference?
Also i have noticed the the access to ST Hub IDE is very buggy and not stable.
I can see the connected devices?
connection to github is not always working
Has anybody else encountered this problems?

Thanks in advance