Recommend smart color lights

Does anybody gave any suggestions for smart color light bulbs. Not sure I want Phillips hue because I don’t want to add another hub. I’m o my interested in setting up on the st hubs.

If you don’t want to add another bridge, then the easiest choices are:

Sylvania/Osram RGBW (zigbee)


Both are on the official “works with SmartThings” list so they are easy to pair and support will help you if you run into any problems. Both are widely available from online retailers.

The LIFX are physically a little larger and a little hotter, but are also brighter than either the Hue or the Sylvania.

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The lifx are pricey but I may give it a try.

You won’t be disappointed with lifx. I’m happy I chose lifx

Also this, although not officially supported by ST:

Also keep in mind that these are longer bulbs than normal so you need to be careful what you are putting them in. I use 6 of them outside in lanterns that are large enough that it doesn’t matter and with @erocm1231 's device type handler, there are some really excellent functions:

I forgot there is one more officially supported RGBW zigbee bulb, the Sengled:

I’ll probably get the lifx. Only thing I’m not sure is I have new lighting & my contractor said it’s 6 inch recessed lighting…I’m not sure about the size.

For recessed lighting, you might consider the Sylvania Devices which are design for exactly that purpose. It is on the official “works with” smart things list, and you will get a better Light distribution then you would from an A19 bulb

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I already have the lighting installed. I want to replace the bulbs.

That is a bulb, it’s just a bulb that is shaped to fit into a standard five or 6 inch recessed fixture with an attached trim ring.

I’d, I’m currious…how would I install those lights?

If you have recessed cans in your ceiling, you must remove the existing baffle to install this type of bulb. The baffle (metal cone) is held in place by the same springs you see on the side of the Sylvania bulbs. These springs are hooked to tiny little hooks on the internal side of the cans. It is super easy to do…

Unrelated product example picture:


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As @aruffell said, it’s very easy. You just remove the old trim ring, screw the socket piece into the socket, and then push the full device up into the space. It has springs on the side that will hold it in place.

All the Sylvania retrofit downlights install the same way. Here’s an old video for a nonnetworked model, but again, the installation is the same:

That seems simple. I have been reading up on them. I noticed the reviews are not good on amazon.

4 stars on Amazon.

Most of the one star reviews are from people who couldn’t get it paired to begin with. Or complaints about color because the standard SmartThings feature don’t handle the Osram colors that well, but there is custom cut it does.

The initial instructions aren’t great but it’s an officially supported device so SmartThings support will help you or you could read the Amazon reviews from people who have it working. :sunglasses:

Ok, thanks. I guess I can give it a try. This is better then the lifx? The lights are for the living room & the hub is in there also, so connection should not be a problem. I have mostly sensors in place & since I got my first smart lighting switch, it’s like I want to get everything at 1 shot…very addictive…lol

I just noticed the price but I see it’s white only. I’m looking to go for the door ones. I’m gonna need 4.

You don’t need the hue bridge for Phillips bulb. You can pair directly to the ST hub. Just another option incase you didn’t know.

There are certainly people who do Connect Hue bulbs directly to the smart things hub, but the only officially supported method is using the hue bridge, and there are some problems you can run into.

If you want to consider using the bulb without the hue bridge , read the following thread first:


Hi again guys. Are the lifx br30 bulbs designed to light like a recessed light bulb?)