Aeotec LED bulbs (Gen 5) and new ST app

I got an email from Samsung to start using the new ST app, so I was exploring it. One thing I found that it is not possible to fully control the Aeotec LED bulb (gen 5) using the new ST app. In the classic app, I am using a custom DTH which provides switching between warm white and cold white. In the new ST app, this is missing. There is a color temperature slider which does nothing. It keeps showing some random values and sliding it doesn’t do anything to the bulb light color. When I try to slide it, it just keeps jumping back to starting position. Is there a way to switch these bulbs to warm white?

@ArunGupta This means that your custom DTH is not optimized for the new app. Some of the coders in this community should be able to fix the dth for you.

Thanks. I am using the following DTH:

  • Aeon RGBW Bulb (Advanced)
  • Author: Eric Maycock (erocm123)
  • Date: 2018-05-02
  • 2018-05-02: huesatToRGB Changed method provided by daved314

Not sure if there is any chance of anyone fixing it…

@erocm1231 maybe you could help @ArunGupta?

Are you using the version of the device handler that has the vid?

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Thanks for reply Eric. The DTH I am using does not have the vid.