Suggestions for RGBW Lamps with E12 Base (2024)?

We have this very large room at the back of the house with a vaulted ceiling. There are three ceiling fans that are direct wired and are hot all the time. We have to control them with the pull chains. I’m going to wire an Aeotec/Aeon micro switch to control the fan, we use them on high anyway so a speed control is not necessary. I wanted to put zwave/zigbee lamps (bulbs) in the lights, but I’m having problems finding E12 base lamps (candelabra) that function like my other lamps (standard Edison base) that function perfectly with ST. I’ve looked and purchased on Amazon but what I received was not ST compatible like the ad said it was. All of the other lamps that say they are compatible with ST have buyer comments/reviews that say they do not work with ST.

Has anyone had any luck finding E12 base RGBW lamps that work with ST?

There should be several possibilities, but we need to ask a couple questions first

  1. What country are you in? There are some bulbs which are only available in certain regions.

  2. do you have a SmartThings/aeotec hub and if so, which model? This will impact which communications protocols you can use: Wi-Fi, Zigbee, matter over thread, etc.

  3. which specific models did you try which were described as working with SmartThings but then didn’t work for you? And in what specific ways did they not work? (Buzzing, not turning all the way off, not changing color, not connecting at all, or?)

  4. do you have a Hue bridge or are you willing to consider getting one?

  5. which specific brand/model bulbs do you have now that are working well for you?

  6. some E12 Smart bulbs are noticeably longer than traditional candelabra bulbs in order to account for the radio in the base. Is there a maximum length on the bulbs that you can use? This often comes up with ceiling fans where the bulbs may be inserted horizontally and have to fit inside the fixture rather than just hanging down from it.

  7. are you already using any Matter devices with your set up? This can increase the pool of candidates. If so, are they matter over Wi-Fi or matter over thread?

Once we know the answers to those questions, we should be able to make some suggestions. :sunglasses:

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Also: “e12” only defines the metal base of the bulb, not its shape, length, or brightness. For example, all of the following are E12 bulbs (Although not necessarily smart or RGBW).



And brightness can be anywhere from a 5 W equivalent to about a 40 W equivalent.

So do you have preferences for these other specifications as well?

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