Aeotec LED Bulb 6 - Vanished

Hey Guys,

I got a SmartThings hub for Xmas and have busily expanding my network.

However I came across my first problem;

I installed the Aeotec lightbulb, and it worked really well. I set it to turn on when I arrived home and all was good.

3h later I went to setup a smart plug, and noticed the lightbulb was ‘offline’. I went and checked the switch assuming the Mrs. Had turned it off. But no, all was fine.

I decided to try and repair it by following the instructions to remove it. It removed fine.

The bulb however is still not making any lights, or pairing (it is supposed to flash twice).

Have I done something wrong? Or has the device that is supposed to last ‘10 years’ died in less than 10h? Are Aeotec not a good company?