Aeotec Siren Gen5

Hey there!

I’m new to SmartThings so firstly a big hello. I’m a pro developer (Web/C#/SQL) of 25+ years so hopefull I’ll be able to contribute here eventually when I have time to get my head around things :smile:

Has anyone got this siren working with SmartThings Hub V2 in the UK? I bought it from Amazon (and got a UK plug adaptor) because the comments suggested it just fine. It pairs with the hub fine but does nowt!

Any help much appreciated, thanks.

Hi Shrimpy,

I am new to SmartThings too and also got these exact ones working in my setup right now.

If I recall correctly, I set the hub to search first each time, then plugged the units in one at a time. Each time I plugged it in the hub saw the units immediately without much intervention. Once included, you should be asked by the app what room it is located in, what to trigger it etc.

Then in the list of Things, the device can be edited for the volume and siren type. Pretty simple setup for the units I have.

If it did work previously, try removing it and adding it back again. Who knows with recent upgrades happening with firmwares and databases, it could have messed up your install.

@isoseeker Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay getting back sooner - I’m moving house! I’m making the house smart which is why I’m here :smile:

Not sure if you are in the UK but for me your method does not work. I have found that it works if I add the siren as an ‘Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch (UK)’. Can’t change the siren sound or volume etc but it goes beep beep loudly and provides the deterent I wanted :smile:

No problem. I am in Canada.

Very strange, the ST hub detected it as a Aeon siren with no additional setup requirement for both units…well in any case glad it is at least working the way you wanted it too.