Aeotec Nanomotes issue (2023)

Hi Nayelyz, my problem seems to be fixed now. You say SmartApps are going away, does that mean Device Handlers too? I have a couple of Aeotec 4 button Nanomotes that don’t work anymore. They appear in my devices and are connected to SmartThings but there is no way to program each button. Do you know if there is a way to program them? Thank you for your support.

Hi, @howkoss99!

Yes, everything Groovy-based will go away, even the IDE eventually.
However, the ones that were deactivated are Groovy SmartApps only. DTHs should keep working and the devices you need to worry about are those using custom DTHs. If your devices are supported by any of the DTHs from SmartThings, they will be migrated to the corresponding Edge driver.

What do you mean by this, can you share a screenshot, please?

Aeotec has an Edge driver for the Nanomote Quad ZWA003.

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Nayelyz, thanks for your replies. I kind of understand this transition to Edge drivers now.

I’m not understanding this, to check if a device was migrated, you can enter its details and go to the menu (three-dots symbol), then, if the option “Driver” appears there, it means it is being controlled by a driver, if not, it is still controlled by a DTH.
If you enter the Driver option, you’ll see its details.
So, is your device working properly or not? Did you try the driver shared by @h0ckeysk8er ?