Aeotec door sensor 6 issues


I have a couple of aeotec door/windows sensor 6 around the house without any issue
One on my bathroom stop working properly, I did a reset/pair again in smartthings and every time the sensor is added as a placeholder in smartthings, but the other I have are Z-wave door/window sensor

Even if I change it manually, the events aren’t received on smartthings, do the device doesnt work

Is there a solution/workaround?


Placeholder indicates the device is using an Edge driver. If it was an existing device, it was probably migrated from the Groovy device handler to the Edge driver. Any new Devices added would automatically go to the Edge drivers (if ST has released EDGE drivers for them and you do not have any custom device handlers installed) when you unpair and pair back to the hub. Devices in IDE that show Placeholder in the Type switches can no longer be changed to groovy device handlers. It will break things for tHe device.

Unpair tHe device, add it back. Then reboot your hub in IDE and see if your issue gets resolved. If other device get migrated to an Edge driver and stop functioning, reboot the hub as your first step.

IDE will eventually be phased out.

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ok thanks for the reply
I unpaired it, reboot my hub, pair it again, without touching to the placeholder type

still, no event are going through. I see that the gree light is changing when I come close to the magnet my st doesnt receive any event :frowning: