Aeotec Minimote stopped working a month ago? (Jan 2023)

I set it up 6 years ago and it’s worked fine, a real convenience. At this point, I’ve completely forgotten everything I did, though I did keep good notes.

In the ST app, I can see that ST IS getting the button presses. And the two wall light switches it triggered are still working fine, if I turn them on with the app. But nothing happens when I trigger the buttons on the Minimote. (Yes, its battery is charged. And like I say, you can see the ST app receive the button presses.)

I am hoping that somebody else here knows what might have happened. So I don’t have to figure this entire thing out again, lol. FWIW it uses bravenel’s Button Controller device handler.

Unfortunately, you are going to have to figure it out again. :thinking:

Smartthings is in the process of transitioning to a whole new architecture, and anything that used custom groovy code, which includes both custom DTH’s like the one from @bravenel that you were using, and custom smartapps, such as advanced button controller, will not be able to use that Groovy code anymore.

The intention is that devices will be automatically migrated to new “edge drivers“ which substitute for DTH‘s and run on your own hub. But that can sometimes mean a loss of functionality.

And the custom smartapps just stop working. :disappointed_relieved: You have to rebuild routines for the devices that use them. That may be fine or, again, you may lose functionality.

I know that’s a lot to take in. I’m still surprised that smartthings didn’t send out individual emails to everyone telling them exactly what on their account would be affected, but they just made a general announcement.

Anyway, you’ll have some research to do.

Start with this:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

Then this, and that should catch you up:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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Yikes, okay. Thanks JD. Hey, good to see you around after all this time.

If anybody has dealt with restoring Minimote functionality, please speak up. Thanks.

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Since you’re seeing the button presses show up in the app, what’s broken for you is probably just the automations you used to have set up.

The code you linked is a Groovy smartapp, and all of those were shut down recently. In other words, the automation that used to link your Minimote to your switches is just gone. You’ll need to start over by building new automations - I’d recommend just using the native routines that you can build in the app. They generally can only handle simple stuff, but button mappings should be easy enough.


I just checked, and As @philh30 noted, the code you linked to is a smartapp. Not a DTH. So, yeah, that’s just gone.

As he suggested, try creating a routine in the smartthings app. They can do a lot more than they used to and that may be all you need.

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Just a word of caution/advice when you re-setup your automations with the minimote.

I have six minimotes. When I created Automations with them, smart things messes up the numbers (and the presses vs. holds)

You might be pushing button 1 on your remote But if you watch the device in the app, the app may think that button three is getting held and vice versa with all the numbers one through four.

This makes it a pain to set up automations with minimote.


The Minimote has a ton of configuration options, plus two different modes. If any of those are set up wrong, it’ll send the wrong events. It also is a battery powered device that doesn’t use the battery or wakeup command classes. So overall it’s a challenging device. The stock driver does try to set everything up properly. If you’re having trouble then you may want to check the device’s configuration parameters to see whether anything is set up differently on that one.