Aeotec MiltiSendsor 6 Model zw100-a

Just received an Aeotec MultiSensor 6 Model zw100-a. I have tried paring it but no luck. The instruction clearly state to press the “Action” button on the sensor. However the illustration in the instruction does not show an “action” button, nor can I find one. If anyone has any suggestion it would be greatly appreciated.

The device can be found here

Thank you!

Check out this thread, it’s a community created device type and is much better than what ST has done with theirs. The action button is on one of the back corners of the sensor, I believe it has a small dimple on it too.

OK, after several attempts and without ever locating an “action” button it paired. Instructions are obviously wrong.

Current Status:
No motion detection at all. The device clearly blinks green showing motion, but nothing on the app.
I have temperature which is off by 10 degrees.
Humidity showing 35% when its raining outside. My Honeywell TStat shows 100% humidity.
Lux showing 0 which is impossible.
UV Index 0 which I would expect with 0 lux.
Battery shows I have the USB connected which is the only thing that is accurate.

Any suggestions before I return this? Thanks!

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I’m doubting that it actually paired successfully. The led should be blue. You should exclude the sensor via general exclusion and then reset the sensor by holding the action button for 30 sec. Next try to add it back to the hub and make sure you double tap the action to include it properly.

The action button does not look like a button per se, but on the back of the device on one of the corners there is a small circular depression if you push here you will hear a click, you just need to triple click it to put into inclusion mode

@2l82try1 If the light is green then the device was paired “non secure”. I think the device type in the thread provided may have been written for secure inclusion. After you place the battery cover on the sensor, there will be a dimple in one of the corners. This is the corner you press down for inclusion. You need to double-press (rapidly) the button to do a secure inclusion. You will know that you did it correctly because the motion sensor led will light up blue instead of green.

I have six of these sensors and am very pleased with them.


I found the dimple switch! Boy the directions in the box are horrible. I removed and re-paired per your instructions and the device now senses motion. However the other parameters are still way off. Temp, Lux, humidity. Are these parameters OK on yours? Is there any way to get them more accurate?

I have the previous version of the Aeotec sensor. Here are the difference right now side by side.

Aeotech Sensor Model #DSB05-ZWUS
Temp = 65.3
Humidity = 43%
Lux = 0

Aeotech Sensor Model #ZW100-a
Temp =74.8
Humidity = 34%
Lux = 0

Temp =68.0
Humidity = 45%
Lux = Not Sure but I have the ceiling and desk light on.

Thank you Robert Vandervoort! All the others who answered as well. I used your code and with the offsets to fix the inaccuracy of the values it fixed all the issues I had. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Its amazing that the makers of Aeotec and Smartthings don’t release working drivers with the devices they make. If this were a PC accessory with an equally poor driver, every one would be returned. I am discovering smartthings is in it’s infancy and they have a long way to go. If they want to get more main stream they must get working drivers, allow updating to a new hub with a simple process and make the apps more intuitive. Thanks again!

One other thing. The Lux meter is always “0” unless I shine a 250 Lumen flashlight right into the sensor. Then it goes to 22,000. There seems to be no in between. The older Aeotec Model #DSB05-ZWUS never measures any lux reading.