Aeotec MultiSensor 6 - 2 of these have now started reporting as Smoke/Water detectors, not multi sensors

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Has anyone else been having problems with their Aeotec MultiSensor 6s? I had one a few months ago, that just stopped reporting as a multisensor and starting reporting as if it was a smoke/water sensor. So motion was being reported as Smoke and Water detection (both separately). And then No Motion would "clear’ them.

I have 11 other Aeotec MultiSensor 6s and they all worked normally. Until today. One minute another one was reporting fine, and then all of a sudden Smoke reporting for motion. Just like the last one.

I have had a ticket in on this for awhile, but the new support system where you can’t actually speak to someone has been more than a challenge. They just keep asking me to repeat the same basic steps.

So hoping someone out there has seen something like this and found a fix for it.


My standard motion sensors have also started reporting the same thing.

Ahhh…good to know. Thanks.

Let me know if you have any luck with support on this.

I have been looking for Support since Aug 3rd and still have nothing useful. The new system of back and forth email every 3 weeks or so is pretty useless. This all used to be handled efficiently if you could talk to a person live and make everything clear. My last feedback from Support was that they could not find my sensor since they were looking for the name of the unit model and not the sensor name I gave them. (I supplied snapshots containing all data about the sensor, including error logs) I reported back and have received no response in weeks. Not sure if their lack of response is due to the bizarre nature of this problem (they just don’t know what to do and are therefore avoiding the issue out of uncertainty) or if the new email Support always works like this.

So maybe we can solve this together instead. :slight_smile:

What was the outcome? It’s happening to me

No outcome. I just have 2 useless sensors. But then I gave up on support. Try your on luck with support. Maybe you will get something out if it. Maybe if enough people report it they can do something.

Cael, here is what I did, I held the button on the sensor for 20 sec until the front led started to change into rainbow colors. Then I went through the process of adding a device. I selected aoetec from the list of manufacturers, selected multiply sensor and follow the step after that. There will be a point where it doesn’t find anything and then you select the multi sensor 6 option. What I figured out is that by default smartthings uses a generic driver. That’s why I was getting smoke and water detector plus a whole sort of things. Another thing, I initially starting setting the sensor up near one of the wave repeaters, dont do that. Go to the hub and do it there. Once it’s all done place your wave device where it needs to go and use the wave utility to heal the system. Let me tell you if I ran this department, heads would roll, the experience in these smart technology sucks, I hope matter changes all of this.

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I don’t think it helps that the behaviour seems, on the face of it, totally bizarre. However a single Edge driver, Z-Wave Sensor, is going to be handling motion, smoke, and water detection devices, and several others too, and generally speaking a minimum of bespoke code is going to be used.

The default handlers are probably being used for motion, smoke and water handling. There are various common ways motion can be reported in Z-Wave devices and one of them looks exactly the same as reports for smoke and water. These handlers will look for contextual information provided by the device that might suggest what the device is and so whether the report should be handled. So the smoke detection handler might be seeing a smoke detection report and have to take it at face value and process it.

At other levels, the device profiles should be defining what capabilities the device actually has, and those, in combination with any device presentation provided should be influencing the UI in the app.

The Aeotec Multisensor 6 in particular is a certified device, so things should work correctly with the stock driver. In particular you’d expect things to be wrong from the moment it was migrated or paired, not to be OK for a while and then suddenly flip.


You may be spot-on, Graham. I have four Aeotec Multisensor 6 devices on two hubs in different locations. Aeotec has an Edge driver channel & I used their driver from the get-go–NOT the stock driver–and have not experienced any issues.

In a similar vein, I have an old Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ motion sensor (which also reports temperature) that similarly misbehaves on the stock driver. Loading a community developed driver that “knows” the device solved the issue…


I’ve had this issue for a while now. I’ve tried to switch to the Aeon edge driver, but neither the smart things app nor the Devices panel in will allow me to select the Aeon driver.

Anyone else run into this?

I’m tempted to reset the device and try to start over. The last time I did that with a device though, I was unable to re-add it. Plus that means I need to struggle with getting the device back into the routines it is part of.

Have you installed the driver for the Multisensor 6? You have to do that first and then you will see the option to switch to it.

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Your device has not been successfully paired with any driver, manufacturer code is null-null-null.

You have to exclude it, put it in inclusion mode according to the manual and pair it again very very close to the hub


Excellent guidance from @Mariano_Colmenarejo and @mlchelp. I’d suggest the following order of steps:

  1. Subscribe to the Aeotec Edge Driver channel, as Michael suggested. Use the link he provided. Install the driver for the Multisensor6 device.

  2. Get the device added as Mariano suggests. You need to see the Manufacturer Code field properly filled out. Mine says, “0086-0102-0064.”

  3. Go back into the app or and see what driver was selected when the device was added. If it isn’t the driver from Aeotec, switch drivers and re-test.

In my home and condo, I have four of these devices on two separate hubs, all running the Aeotec driver. All are working correctly. Good Luck!

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