"Aeotec micro switch G2 (2nd edition) w/optional energy monitor" woes

For quite a while now I have had a switch dangling out of my wall after a failed attempt to get some ZWave control in there. Today I (perhaps foolishly) tried to tackle it again. I have an Aeotec G2 (as described in the subject line) and I wired it in. The results were less than stellar. The relay inside likes to chatter, turning the light on and off rapidly. Eventually it settles down, and I was able to connect it to Smart Things and from there I can control it reliably.

However, the switch connected to it is ignored. I realize there are different switch modes, and holding the button for 5 seconds as documented does seem to change how it works. But each time I do that it goes back to its rapid on and off switching.

Since I’m not sure what mode its in, and the 15 second reset seems to do nothing, I tried to find a device handler. There is one linked herein but it goes to a 404 page on Github. I also Googled around but no joy.

I suppose I could have a defective device, and I also suppose I could have wired it wrong, although there is a neutral and it does seem to work when controlled from Smart Things. Suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

Hi Jim, that’s not good.

I’ve got 3 of those behind outlets for the last few years, and I’ve never experienced anything like that. In one case I never even bothered to configure the device’s switch mode after I installed it. I’m also using ST’s stock DTH called “Z-Wave Metering Switch”.

Based upon your description, I’d say the device is faulty and I wouldn’t even think about tucking it away in a box in the wall.

Thanks John, its currently dangling out of the wall and won’t get tucked in unless I get this under control. I’ll try that DH, although I didn’t see it on the list…

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It’s there:

Found it thanks. No change :frowning:

I gave up on it. I sent a note to Aeotec support but I’m not very optimistic.

Bummer, but you never know. These guys make good stuff, so hopefully they’ll do something for you.

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I am having similar problems with my micro switch. It keep disconnecting from the Zwave network. I wonder if it’s at end of life. I can switch it on and off manually however.

Earlier today I realized that I have another of these in service and it chatters as well. Its on a circuit I rarely use. I wonder if there could be something about my wiring. In the past I had assumed this problem was caused by the lighted 3 way switches at either end of the circuit.

Interesting. I’d definitely check your wiring. Can you just hook up a live and neutral wire with no load at all to see how it behaves? Maybe on another circuit that feeds something simple like a wall outlet?

Yeah I’ll give that a try and see…

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