Micro Smart Energy G2 and 4 way switch


I’ve had a Aeotec Micro Smart Switch G2 wired into a 4 way switch for over a year and working fine with Home Assistant. I’m looking to transition to SmartThings currently. The device has paired to my hub fine, but I’m having a problem activating the light via the Smarthings Hub.

The app on my phone accurately reports on/off state of the light when it is triggered from any of the physical switches.

However, when I try to trigger the light via the app, it is successful in turning the light off, but when it goes to turn it on, there is only a momentary flicker of the lights and it turns back off. I believe this is because in order to wire this smartswitch into the 4 way switch you have to change mode of the switch:

• The Aeotec Micro Smart Energy Switch G2 is set to be controlled
via 2-state(flip/flop) external wall switch by default. Pushing and
holding the button 6 seconds on the Micro Smart Energy Switch G2
will swap between this default

Has anyone figured out how to get this working? I’ve tried the default device type and GG’s Aeon micro switch delays