Aeotec Micro switch 2nd edition DSC26103-ZWEU

Hello friends,
i’ve problems with Aeotec Micro switch 2nd ed DSC26103-ZWEU:

This Aeon micro switch is ONLY switch, it hasn’t energy control: it’s “micro switch”, it’s NOT “micro smart energy switch” model.

I’ve tried a lot of device handlers like generic “Z-Wave device” or “Z-wave switch” or “aeon micro switch dimmer” … but none works good.
In particular i can switch ON but from this point all stops working. I’ve not feedback from switch to ST: if i set ON or OFF physical switch there is no feedback in ST devices, and it’s impossible to use ST device to set the switch OFF. All my driver handlers are wrong.
Anyone has a correct device handler for DSC26103-ZWEU ?
Thank you for help.

“zwave switch” should work. “Zwave metering switch” MAY work.

probly Brexit killed it. If you are really using a switch “DSC26103-ZWEU” identified for EU then there’s your problem… Just one of many killer shoes to drop.

I suspect your installation of the device is the problem. I’d expect more problems by locating it behind the wallswitch - it may work better to locate the module at the fixture which is assured to have the neutral and hot present.

But I am just guessing.

Is it true that UK wiring typically switches/turns-off the neutral?

is it rated for 220 or whatever voltage you are feeding it?

When does Great Britain or United Kingdom change its name?

Good luck - seriously.

It’s located inside wall switch.