Aeotec Micro Switch Stays On

I’m no electrician but I’ve wired several Z-Wave switches in my house. Recently I’ve switched over to the Aeotec G2 micro switches and I’ve had this problem with 2 out of 4 switches. One is wired in a 3way setup and the other is wired in a 4way. I’m assuming it might be a neutral wire issue. When I turn the light off, after a few seconds it flickers then turns itself back on. Smartthings even reports it as powered on. The weird part is that I thought I fixed the other one a few days ago but after wiring up the 4th one, the other problematic one starting turning itself on again.

Just throwing this out here.

When I wired mine, a gen 2 in a 4-way setup, I put the module in the ceiling fan box, moved a couple wires in the switch box where the power comes in to get power to the ceiling box, and wired my swItches “dry”, no power to them at all. This setup has been working for about a year without a single issue. I’m not sure how yours is wired. It seems to me that I didn’t like the way you had to use smaller gauge wire for the swItches when they were powered. Been awhile so I can’t remember exactly but I think that was the reason. Worst part was moving that heavy Hunter ceiling fan around.