Aeotec inwall micro switches

What is the difference between the DSC18103-ZWUS AEON LABS MICRO SMART ENERGY SWITCH G2 (SECOND EDITION ) and the AEOTEC BY AEON LABS DSC26103-ZWUS Z-WAVE MICRO SWITCH. Besides the smart energy aspect.

From everything I could tell the energy tracking is the only difference.

@mander that is the only thing that I could find too but I wasn’t sure if I was missing anything else.

I do see this. I only have G2 that just showed up, but this statement from their site would imply it is smaller and might be using the latest ZWave:protocol
2nd Edition.
The new Micro Smart Dimmer is one of Aeotec’s 2nd edition products. Each has been rebuilt from the inside out, reducing their size while embedding into them the latest Z-Wave firmware and commands. That empowers them with everything from enhanced stability to Z-Wave’s Explorer Frames.

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I’m trying to decide if it is worth the extra 100.00 buck on their 10 pack or not. It really doesn’t say anything on the difference in size which would a key factor for me. I’m not to concerned about the whole energy monitoring thing.

Ya I think a benefit if it is running z-wave plus… but not sure if not.

Okay so these are confusing me more as I look at them What is the sku/code for the new gen 2 inwall switch. Is it the DSC18103-ZWUS that is the newest one or is the DSC26103-ZWUS or are they both generation 2 just one has the energy tracking.

These are both appliance switches (No Dimming). the DSC26… seems to be gen 1 while the DSC18… seems to be Gen 2

This one:

is 3 x 3 x 1.2 inches which will fit in a ceiling box, but most likely not very well in a single gang switch box.

This one:

Has energy monitoring and is 2 x 2 x 0.7 inches. Which most likely means they are using the Z-Wave plus as it is a smaller chip/etc.

Neither of these are dimmer switches. Not sure if you wanted dimming.

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Can these be used for lighting though of you are just looking to turn lights off and on with out dimming them? Or Do you need to use the dimming version for lights

They can be used for lighting. There is another version if you want to be able to dim the lights.

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I got the non energy ones for my house, didn’t see the value in tracking wattage.


With the increased size of the unit how did you find the easy of ability to fit it in a single gang or putting in multiple into a multi-gang? that is one of my concerns is being able to fit it in the box with the switch and all the other wires.

They fit, in single gang and up, I have one quad gang with three aeon dimmers in it.
Mind you, you can’t just stuff all the crap in there…

Anyone have an pics of the gang with units in it. I share similar concerns on fitting multiple units ina single/double gang


How hard is it to replace the box? Those extra deep ones hold a LOT. Whenever I replace one that’s what I use.

I have a mid-50’s home, some of the original steel boxes will barely hold a well made modern receptacle.

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It can be easy or hard depending on the situation. The more wires the more complicated. Also depends on how the steel box is attached to the stud. If you can see the nails or screws it might be easy to pop them out and pull the box, and then replace it with a deep box. If it is nailed inside the wall at the stud (Most are) then it is some sheetrock patching. I have done it with a good sawsall, just slide it between the box and the studd and run up a little till you hit a nail, cut it, and then do the same going down. Pulling the box with the bracket can be a little difficult.

So it really comes down to how much work you want to do. If you can put them in the ceiling box there should be more room… If you have multiple lights on the one switch you just need to put it in the one the light switch hits first. A good tester and a little time can easily figure that out.

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@mander I never thought of the ceiling box. I was under the thought that it would go before the actual switch in order to work. Damn I really should have not got this great idea into my head.

@Mike_Maxwell if placing them in the ceiling box where possible would this help or eliminate the issue with the Legrande push switch

Probably not going to work, the aeon needs hot and neutral for power, not likely you’re going to find that feed in the ceiling, usually that gets pulled into the switch box.
now you could route the power from the box to the celing fixture, and put the aeon in the celing, but that leaves you one wire short to control the aeon from the wall mounted switch…


Anyone is able to control one of those in “:Local execution” (e.g. when Hub is offline)? I am talking about pre-scheduled lights dusk to dawn for example.

With DTH “Aeon Illuminator Module” and smart lighting smartapps. I don’t see why not. I have this for one of my outside light.

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