Aeotec DSC18103-ZWEU Z-Wave Micro Smart Switch wiring advice needed


I was trying to install an Aeotec micro switch (Aeotec DSC18103-ZWEU Z-Wave Micro Smart Switch) into a UK 2 way light switch.

I find it quite hard to match the UK scheme (L1, L2 and COM) to the wiring scheme in the manual provided by Aeotec.

I’ve attached some photos and was wondering if anyone has any advice?


I know a little about north America wiring but by looking at your picture. My guess with your UK wiring. Look like your neutral is at the light fixture. You can confirm by looking at your other switch. If the common is also yellow and total of only 3 wires plus ground there.

I had the same problem, and raised a ticket with Aeotec and they sent me this link

See here for UK old / new wiring standard

that covers the old colours - red (live) / black (neutral) / green-yellow (earth)
to the new harmonised from 2004 - brown (live) / blue (neutral) / green-yellow (earth)

I’m looking to install a Aeotec Micro Smart Switch but to be honest when I unscrewed the switch plate I was a little perplexed at what I saw. Photo below

As you can see there are 3 blue wires running through but not terminating in the box and 3 brown wires wired to the switch itself.

Can anyone give me some advice as to how I’d go about wiring an Aeotec Micro Smart Switch in this setup? Is it a case where I just need to snip one of the blue wires to connect to the aeotec?

Appreciate any replies.

It’s a bit late but if you still haven’t figured it out.

To fit the Smart Switch you’ll need to:
Connect the 2 brown wires in the same switch terminal to Live In
Connect the single brown to Live Out
Connect the 3 blue wires (that are connected together) to Neutral In
Then run 2 wires from the Switch terminals on the Smart Switch to the light switch.

You don’t need to use Neutral Out as the neutral for the light will one of those 3 blue wires joined together.