Aeotec LED Light Bulb, how do I connect it to Smartthings? <solved>

Hi there
I’m trying to pair my new Aeotec LED Bulb to SmartThings. I’m new to SmartThings.
When I go to Add a New Device in the new SmartThings app, I can see other Aeotec devices but not any Aeotec Light Bulbs? I’ve attached a screen shot. Is there another way to connect the Bulb?


you should reset/exclude it first.

Hi. What do I exclude it from?

All of those choices will put the hub into inclusion mode and assign the correct handler to the device once it’s joined so you can use any one of them to join the bulb.

The only benefit to selecting a specific device is that it displays the inclusion instructions provided by the manufacturer so you don’t have to look them up in the device’s manual.

There’s also a “Z-Wave” option in the manufacturer list which can be used to join any z-wave device.

Thanks Kevin, I have added the Bulb using the option ZWave device to connect my bulb! So obvious, I missed it!

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