Aeotec Hub + Aqara Dual Relay Module T2?


My setup is based on an Aeotec Hub v3, and I need to acquire a relay for my garage door. I was looking at the Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 because of the dry contact mode…

My doubt is if anyone is using any of these with an Aeotec Hub directly (not with an Aqara Hub as a bridge). And if yes, do any of the major features have been lost like the Energy Monitoring?

I tried to search for “smartthings” on Amazon’s commentaries of the product and only found one starting with “Despite it not yet officially saying it is compatible with SmartThings…”. The comment is pretty simple, and I’m still yet to know if the person did use it directly to a smartthings/aeotec hub or if he had an Aqara hub connected to Smartthings…

Hopefully someone else already gave it a try and might help.


Hi @nf098

If it is this device, it was added to this driver
Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc in October and the user reported that it worked fine.


Hello @Mariano_Colmenarejo,

Funny that right before your answer I found a reddit post that led me to your link and I was reading it:

I believe that is the one. I will order one of these and give it a try.

Thank you and great work.


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By the way, have you tested this device? Do you know if it is possible to setup a double dry contact?


I have not used it, but on the Aqara page there are different wiring examples and it seems that it can be used as 2 independent dry contacts

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I will give it a try. Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo


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Thank you for your Support!
The device should also provide a roller shutter mode, an chance to get this working?

Thanks again

Hi @Yodo

This function is achieved with the assembly diagram indicated on the page and using the Interlock operating mode in settings.

I have no idea how to activate that interlock mode. I guess it can be done in the aqara app.

You will not have all the functions of a roller shutter.

You can only open and close using the motor’s limit switches or stopping manually.

You will not be able to go up or down directly to a given point, since it does not have the windowShade cluster

Thanks for your Quick Response, I’ll give it a try, using timers should propably be accurate enough for me as its intended to be used for a home cinema setup


First apologies in advance, I’m new and I’m having a hard time adapting.

Would it be possible to implement 2 functions to the aquara relay T2?

*dry mode (voltage-free)

  • choose the type of button (locked, warp…) if you choose button mode it gives you the choice of the fraction of milliseconds that you want it active (default value 300ms)

-dry mode is something configurable in the aqara version like the rest that I propose.

This device is the most versatile that I have found to date precisely because of these functions

Si te hace falta una captura de pantalla del original con sus funciones me lo dices.
Existe alguna forma de ayudarte?


I don’t know what custom cluster, attributes and values are used to configure the interlock functions (only a switch On), button types, dry mode.

I already searched on the internet and couldn’t find anything useful about it.

Dry mode is basically configured by removing the jumper between LIN and LOUT, to use LOUT, L1 and L2 as relays independent of the device power supply.
The only thing you cannot do is modify if you want the momentary button option, but you can use a routine that when the switch S1 or S2 is activated, then it turns off after 1 sec, it is not 300 ms, but it surely works for a garage door for example.

If you find information about the clusters, attributes and values that are used to configure the device and you are willing to send me logs with the CLI to debug the driver code, I could try it

I found information about the configuration of this device on Koenkk’s github.

If someone can send me logs with the CLI to debug the code, I can try to implement the interlock settings, modes and timing of the momentary pulse


I have no idea.
Have you requested it?
Can I express them?

This is a tutorial for install CLI in a windows pc and procedure to capture the driver logs

New version of Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc-TEST for Aqara double relay T2 tests.

Hi @WHISKAS @Yodo @nf098 @Giltechy
Incorporated preferences to configure the double T2 relay to operate in dry, wet, wet mode with pulse On, pulse time configuration and state restore after power loss.

I have used the data I have seen on Koenkk’s github, thanks

I have also added the Energy capability

To test this device you must switch to the Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc-TEST driver.

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc-TEST 
 Version      2024-03-30T17:51:31.181523039
- id: "Aqara/switch.acn047"
    deviceLabel: Aqara Double Relay T2 (LLKZMK12LM)
    manufacturer: Aqara
    model: lumi.switch.acn047
    deviceProfileName: lumi-two-switch-power-energy-1

If an error is detected, I would need someone to send me logs with the CLI so I can try to solve it.

Although it apparently works well, the logs of when you change to the different modes and preferences would be useful to see the device’s responses.

- name: "restoreStateLumi"
    title: "Restore State After Power Lost"
    description: "After the power supply is back on, the State can be restored to previous state or remain switched off or reverse On-Off state."
    required: false
    preferenceType: enumeration
        "0": "device remains switched On"
        "1": "device restores previous state"
        "2": "device remains switched Off"
        "3": "device on-off reverse state"
      default: "1"
  - name: "interlockMode"
    title: "Interlock Mode only one relay On"
    description: "prevents both relays being on at the same time"
    required: true
    preferenceType: enumeration
        "0": "Disabled: Independent Operation"
        "1": "Enabled: Only one Relay On"
      default: "0"
  - name: "mode"
    title: "Operation Device Mode"
    description: "Operation Mode, Wet, Dry, Dry pulse"
    required: true
    preferenceType: enumeration
        "0": "Wet: Contacts with device power"
        "1": "Dry: Contacts not Powered with pulse"
        "3": "Dry: Contacts not Powered"
      default: "0"
  - name: "dryPulseTime"
    title: "Pulse length in Dry mode with pulse"
    description: "ON Pulse length in Dry mode with pulse. (200 ms to 2000 ms). Default: 300 ms"
    required: false
    preferenceType: integer
      minimum: 200
      maximum: 2000
      default:  300

Mil gracias. A la tarde pruebo todo.
Conozco muy bien el producto

Thank you. In the afternoon I try everything.
I know the product very well

Dime cómo se recopila y yo me encargo