Aeotec Home Energy Monitor Gen1

I have a Aeotec Home Energy Monitor Gen1 that I’ve been using for years. Lately I’ve noticed (or maybe it’s always been doing it, I don’t know) that the energy readings will occasionally report a bad value. Normally this number should always be increasing, so I’m not sure where these random readings are coming from. Any ideas on how to track this down?

I have it paired to a v2 hub, and I’m using a DTH by jsconstantelos named “My Aeon Gen 1 Home Energy Meter”

Hi @iridris, I’ve had a couple versions that should work ok with the new app, as well as address weird numbers, but I haven’t maintained those in a very long time. With Groovy support going away and Edge drivers being the new direction, I’m no longer supporting this dth. I’ve moved back to ST’s stock handler for about a year.

I have found that the HEM Gen 1 will report weird numbers at times, especially if it’s not been reset. I reset mine monthly and haven’t seen this issue in a long time.

I’ve seen zingers / outlier values from Aeotec power monitor gen2? irregularly, about 3 times in 6 years, could be more but I do not look for them. I have only noticed high power like 22 jigawatts. I don’t trigger anything with power monitoring, just charting.

This is a custom DTH, I guessed it’s a fluke of the hardware or wireless connection, but it might be some rollover bug in DTH. I never reset.

Thanks John. I don’t think I’ve ever reset before, or at least not in the past few years. I’ll do that and see if that clears up the occasional bad values.

I know the writing is on the wall for Groovy, and I’m looking forward to Edge. Just waiting for it to mature a bit before I dive into it.

Back in the Classic app days wasn’t there a button to reset the counters without having to do a full factory reset? Is there a way to do that in the new app?

Alternatively, it looks like Aeotec actually has some firmware updates available for this thing, but no change log to see what they might have fixed in them. Mine is running v3.60.

Yes to both. In the new app you can use my meter reset smartapp. It can be found here:

Thanks John! Webcore didn’t work for me but your smart app did. I’ll keep an eye on the numbers but hopefully it’ll be stable for a while.

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