How do u reset the energy consumption for wifi plug and or zigbee plug

I have a few smartthings brand zigbee and wifi plugs that monitor energy consumption and i was wondering if anyone knows how to reset them back to zero without deleting the device and re adding it. is there an option someplace that i cant find?
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model number for the wifi plug GP-WOU019BBAWU

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Not sure about the WiFi plugs, but what’s the model # for zigbee one? I have a few and there’s no reset for kWh on them, but I do have that option for a few zwave devices from other manufacturers.

the zigbee devices i have dont have a total kw , they just show how much its being used at that current point in time in Watt hours so no reset needed anyway.
Could you please tell me which zwave product you are talking about that actually shows wattage usage and has the ability to reset it?

My Aeon gen 1 HEM, as well as my Aeon G2 inwall micro switches. I use to have some Zooz outlets that did that too.

If you reference at ST’s device handlers that start with “zwave-metering”, or “zigbee-metering”, or something like that; you can look for all the devices that may be capable of reporting energy (kWh) in the fingerprint section of the code.


Any (or most) device handlers with the capability “Energy Meter” can also be referenced.

Stock ST device handlers (most of them at least and ones we have access to see):

Now saying all that, just because the device handler says that doesn’t mean you’ll see it. The device actually must support that capability and report it out. Check the device’s specs to be sure.

Additionally, just because you may not see a device in the fingerprint list doesn’t mean the device you want to buy won’t work. There are many devices not on the “works with ST” list that are able to use the stock device handler, but you’ll have to manually change the device in ST to use a particular device handler. That’s done via the IDE and the field to change is called “Type”.

I have the same Question and none of the answers here provided a solution.

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I can’t speak for wifi devices, but for zigbee or zwave devices if the dth supports or has a “reset” command, then you can use webcore or another smartapp (like my meter reset manager app).