Aeotec Home Energy Meter (Gen 5) overreading


I have just installed Aeotec’s Home Energy Meter (Gen 5) to monitor power usage. I’ve installed it correctly and used the default SmartThings handler that ST selected. However it is overreading by about 120 watts. I’ve proved this by comparing power usage readings on the actual electric meter and against a (non-smart) power meter (that I am hoping to replace).

Has anyone come across this before? I expect it’s something to do with the wrong voltage being configured in the ST default handler, but can’t see any way of changing this.

I did look for a custom device handler, but struggled to find anything that seemed stable.

Any suggestions?


I owned a 1st generation Aeotec energy meter a few years ago and found it to be inaccurate. Mine would show about 7-20 watts when clamped to the mains with the main breaker off. I know there was no power being consumed because the conventional analog meter was stopped. I used it for several months and the error rate was anywhere from 14 KwH to almost 35 KwH per month. Part of the problem could be that the Aeotec has no way of knowing the mains voltage. In my area voltage can drop as low as 113 volts and as high as 122.

I stopped using it because it wasn’t useful for tracking consumption history but it could be useful in knowing when A/C or or heat pump, or an electric dryer is running or not.

I would contact Aeotec and inquire as to the issue and possible mitigations.