My AeonTec Home Energy Monitor V2 no longer reporting valid wattages

I’m trying to figure out if anyone else’s AeonTec Home Energy Monitor V2 has stopped working right. All of a sudden, my wattage values all hover around 0; between -500 and 1000 watts; which is obviously a bit ridiculous for my house.

Ideas? Was it a back-end change or has my meter broken?


I thought I was the only one…mine stopped reporting consistent values a couple of weeks ago, particularly in the details page, I’ve tried debugging it, and although it appears that the HEMv2 doesn’t report values reliably, it will occaisionally work properly.

I suspect now that ST is losing/missing event reports from the HEMv2, and not sending them to my device handler reliably. I’ll put in a message to support.

If anyone else notices that the values displayed for L1+L2 don’t add up to the total (especially Watts & Amps), or that the values just don’t change, please leave a message here on this thread.


On the issue of meter not reporting… Configure/refresh the meter… My meter is set to update xively channel and I noticed long ago that it used to die arbitraryly. To keep it running I send it a refresh as a chronjob.

On erratc values, since the reports for each clamp are not at the same instant, it is unlikely that the two values will add up. i dont think the clamps are very accurate… i apply 16% correction to have it keep up with my mains.

I have not noticed any issues. I watch mine fairly close.

Here is 30 day graph of realtime usage and kwh

@mattjfrank Does the device generate that report for you? Or are you using something else to generate it?

I’ve using a xivley account.

Just Refresh the meter and ensure that Delta is disabled…

Figured it out. One of the clamps had been reversed when the power company was mucking about in my service panel. All is right with the world again.

I’ve been having great luck with grovestreams, but I should check and see if free xively accounts are available again or not.