Aeotec Home Energy Monitor G5

Does anyone know how to get my Aeotec Home Energy monitor to update more often? It has the Energy and power reading on my Smartthings app, but they don’t seem to refresh(update) very often unless I manually press the refresh button.

I don’t have one of these on my system any more, but in the IDE under things, can you see the reporting interval setting?

I see everything except report interval

Out may not be accessible with that device. Give them a call. Maybe they’ve got an idea.

FYI @rudyinDana

Yes - You need a custom DTH that so you can set the parameters for that device. I have a DTH for the Aeon HEM G1, and it may work for you except that you won’t get voltage and current tiles.

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got it working…thanks

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Cool. Did you get all the values to show up and could you change device preferences?

I did and I didn’t have to change parameters. I had to turn on all of the reporting toggles. For some reason, I thought those toggles were for some sort of a notification report into a spreadsheet or something. Turns out, it reports to update the values in the app…if that makes sense.

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Sure does, glad it’s working for you now!


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