Aeon Smartstrip multi-switch Support


So I picked up an Aeon Smartstrip on Amazon to help me with the following problem:

I have a data closet that get’s hot typically in the mornings and evenings when my thermostat is programed to go down in temp. I live in NC, and we’ve been in a bit of a heat wave. When I added the device type, and tried to use the “Virtual Thermostat” created by the SmartThings folks, I only see a switch for the entire strip, and not just the single switch I want to control “power3”. I have other things connected to this power strip that I would like to keep on. Does anyone know of any updated device types that separate each of the controlled switches? It would be nice to independently control each one via another SmartApp like the Virtual Thermo.

Thanks for the help! Sorry if this is a repost…

I looked at this post: Zwave Power Strip from AEON

But that just didn’t work at all for what I need…hopefully someone is using something different, better, or can help explain how this would actually help me?

(Bruce) #2

Did you edit the Type of the device in the IDE to the updated device type from that post you reference? That should do what you want.


That’s a pretty simple process, I did. But now I only see a big blue icon, with no option to control the 4 separate switchable outlets. This device type doesn’t really seem to work.

(Bruce) #4

If you go to @cooperglee’s Github, there may be an updated device type and an app for using it.


So the device-type works fine, but other apps don’t recognize each switch as separate devices to control. That’s the problem…they still only see one device (as listed as devices in ST IDE).