Aeon Smart Switch (2nd Edition) won't connect

I have been trying to connect the Aeon Labs Smart Switch DSC24-ZWUS to my ST Hub V2. It never is found when I try connecting it. I have tried this with 3 different smart switches but none seem to work. I have done a factory reset on the switch and have reset the hub. I have tried excluding the device. Nothing works. Any help is appreciated.

How far is it from the hub? Try plugging it in as close as possible and see if that works. Also double check that it didn’t quietly add it to your devices before you went into adding it. I’ve seen that with certain devices

I have had one of those go bad on me before

I have placed the switches within 2 to 3 feet of the hub. Does not seem to help.

Did u solve this?..

It was operator error. It merely took pressing the button on the switch to get it to be recognized. I think I held it down too long. They are now working.