Aeon Smart Dimmer 6 device type now available

@Robert_Vandervoort The refreshing page error I came across was in Android.

I’ve pushed a new code file with ANDROID at the end… Android users can use this one.

Just curious if anyone has had luck getting the Smart Dimmer 6 to work with the SmartThings v2 hub in SECURE mode? I can get it to pair securely, but the ST hub cannot turn it on/off/whatever. I’m really new to ST, Z-wave, etc., so I’m just wondering if I’m doing something wrong.

It will work fine in un-secure mode (with or without Robert’s device handler code–thanks Robert!!!).

Hi Robert,

I’m trying your new device handler but having problems updating my existing DH or creating a new one from code. In both cases I’m getting:

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script14845874105421824071123.groovy: 122: expecting ‘}’, found ‘,’ @ line 122, column 26. input “monitorInterval”, “integer”, ^ 1 error

In updating the existing I’ve looked at a diff between the two versions and I don’t see the three lines deleted as causing an issue, but I just can’t actually get it to publish like this.

Went into the DH code and found out that deleting range from the LED Behavior preference generates the error I pasted above. Deleting the range from Monitoring Interval and LED Brightness was supported, and now the device works on Android.

That said, while the “Title” text appears on the android app, the “Description” text does not (expected behavior would be for it to show up in gray under the title, right?).

In my version I did a quick and dirty modification to get the helpful text all in the title:

title: “Monitoring Interval\nThe time interval in seconds for sending device reports”,

Sorry I didn’t test it. I need to dig up my old galaxy S3.

Im having the same issue. Did you find a resolution?

It’s working flawless in non-secure inclusion, so I haven’t really worried about it. Not sure if I should worry or not…maybe in the future.

Mine will dim, but none of the other features work…

@uacolon What have you tried? or what doesn’t work?

Hello Brenthaag,
Thanks for the reply.

Finaly figured it out… device will not work on MY ST when securely included, like your issue. Infact none of my Aeon devices work if securely incuded…“Wich is a bummer”

The rest of the my issues,I got support from Aeon Tech who kindly pointed out to me it was a user error.
I did not know i had to select the config icon first in ST APP to be able to cange the LED color.
I also did not know the led behavior had to be changed acordingly.

I want to share my contribution with the community. As this solution resolved my problem. I have working device handlers for Aeon micro switch and Aeon micro dimmer. They’ve been working great in my home for last 7 months. You can download them from here:
You will need only these two files: aeonDimmer.groovy and aeonSwitch.groovy.
These drivers address the most important parameters to make them work as “normal” switch and “normal” dimmer. Enjoy!

Hi Northam,

Have you by any chances looked into if it is possible to configure the dimming rate on the Aeotec zw099?

Would really like to have some more control over this. :slight_smile:

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@ulfthomas74 there is no parameter setting on the dimmer for ramp rate. Aeotec’s nano dimmer has it. As far as I know there is not any firmware update that supports it but perhaps @ccheng can weigh in.

For the Smart Dimmer 6, it uses Switch Multilevel V2, there are 2 versions that defines the ramping rate directly which needs to be done through Z-Wave commands specifically.

With V1 version of Switch Multilevel V1, it unfortunately isn’t possible to set the ramp rate as it isn’t exposed through parameter settings.

While with V2, if SmartThings supports Switch Multilevel V2, there is an additional parameter setting that may allow you to set the dim rate through a variable called “Duration” which needs to be handled through the Z-Wave gateway.

These are the 2 respective differences while for more control on the ramp rate would require SmartThings to support V2 version of Switch Multilevel and expose the control over the variable “Duration” to allow you to modify the ramp rate of the Smart Dimmer 6 ZW099. It seems that SmartThings does expose this from their developers documents:

If you can program Switch Multilevel Set V2 to control this, looking at the parameters, the variable/parameter in Switch Multilevel Set V2 for this is called “dimmingDuration”

Setting dimmingDuration = 0 will allow Smart Dimmer 6 to instantly change to the dim level, while setting it to higher numbers will increase the ramp rate time it takes to travel to the next dim %.

Edit: @Robert_Vandervoort Thanks for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:

Sounds like I have a feature I need to add to my device handler :slight_smile:

I’m a newbie, so hopefully this won’t be too dumb of a question… I have an Aeotec Smart Dimmer 6 that I have working (with SmartThings and Alexa). My question is that I want to change a parameter (81). I just can’t figure out what I need to do or if I need to download and/or install something. Thanks in advance!

Use the zwave tweaker device handler and set it as its device handler.
Once you do that you will easily be able to change its value .here is the link to it

Amazon review states: That if unplugged the hub cannot find this device. Meaning you have to remove and add a thing back into the hub. Is this true?

that has not been my experience. i have a gen 2 hub and i unplug mine all the time to vacuum and have never had to do that.