Aeon Smart Dimmer 6 device type now available

Hey folks. Finished to first round of coding and testing and I seem to have a stable version for the Smart Dimmer 6.

Smart Dimmer 6 - v0.1 :

If you’re looking for their Smart Switch 6 it is here:

Multisensor 6 is here:

This is as of tonight. Any fixes will be added as they come along, but so far, there are no more known issue. if you find something, please raise the issue here or on github with me.

Thanks and enjoy!


…have you found the dimmer available anywhere? As of a few days ago I was only seeing the switches still. Watching with interest, as I’ll probably be grabbing one of each soon in preparation for the holidays.

@Robert_Vandervoort now you have the entire weekend for the Aeotec/Aeon Doorbell! :wink:

Nah, gotta prep for my talk at Live 360 :slight_smile: But next week maybe it will be here so I can.

@smart The doorbell arrived today. Gettin’ on it.

Not sure if it’s available on the US market yet, but the one I got came in a white / un-branded box, though everything inside was US market relevant. I’ll ask if they’ve got an ETA for distribution.

im using your v0.1 code and it works great on two of my outlets but the other two keep sending logs to my activity feed. im not sure that i did anything different on these two, but do you know why im getting such regular logs?

The reporting interval is fairly tight every 60 seconds, by default. You can edit the device preferences to make it less frequent if you like.

And a month later, I still can’t find any for sale.

@TheSmartestHouse has them for sale now.

and even in multi packs to save some $$


Google just is sucking at finding them for whatever reason.

Thanks for the mention @Robert_Vandervoort!
These only came in a couple of weeks ago so they were not on sale yet back in December.
We have a good deal on a 2-pack for Smart Dimmer 6 right here:


Aeotec forwarded me to this device handler. Thank you for making this for the community @Robert_Vandervoort

I am having issues with it showing energy usage. I have installed twice. Do you have directions on how to install? Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Thank You!


Hmm. Did you pair it securely? Quick double tap to join it? Do you just not get any values coming in? Can you post screen caps of the recently tab?


It did start working once I adjusted some fields through the online Smartthings Device screen.

The issue I have now is how the Smart Dimmer 6 dims LED lights. I need the lights to dim down pretty low due to how many I have and the area. They are very bright at full power. This switch seems to dim from 100% - 40% - off. I cannot get it to dim reliably at lower levels without flickering.

I may have to return it.


It works perfectly fine I assure. I had big problems at my house with dimming LED bulbs. It was because they were not actually “dimmable” bulbs. When you buy the bulbs make sure you buy dimmable ones. Practically all these days are but there are still some that are not. The other thing you’ll notice with non-dimmable bulbs is the amount of noise they make while dimming. Noisy noisy then off like you said.

Hi Robert

Just installed my first Aeon Smart Dimmer with your DH and it works :slight_smile:

But I have a question you or someone might be able to clarify about this Aeom Smart Dimmer.

I THOUGHT that the smart dimmer could both switch on/off, AND dim.
While the device has a switch on/off in the app, it does not work for my laptop adapter and a mirror with build-in bulbs.
For those 2 items, they just do not turn on.
My laptop says power is connected, but it will not charge, like something is not with the power.

Am I doing something wrong, or is that just how it works?
So for those 2 item, I cannot use the Smart Dimmer, but need the Smart Switch instead?

Ok… so a dimmer should ONLY be used with bulbs. Fans use a special fan
speed controller that uses a different kind of circuit. You can burn out
the dimmer control if you use it on other things. For something like a
laptop power supply, you can break the power supply and or the dimmer using
it on such a device. The power supply has its own internal voltage
regulation that will try and always output its regulated current. The lower
the supply voltage the harder it is essentially for it to do that.

So yes, a dimmer CAN be used to turn on and off, but really only for
lighting. Another issue there too is the turn on / turn off feature dims to
on, and dims to off. On anything with circuits / computer control modules,
starting out really under voltage (dimming up to on) or going to a real low
votlage (dimming down to off) can cause faults and these circuits might not
function properly.

Bottom line, unless it’s lighting, use a switch, not a dimmer.

Hope this helps.

Yes, you confirm what I came to conclude myself.

I will now return one of my dimmers and get a Smart Switch instead.

Thank you for your help

I bought a Aeotech gen5 dimmer tried using a Ecosmart 100w equivalent dimmable LED but it flickers when dimmed. The LED works with a GE dimmer. What LED are yo guys using with your Aeotech’s? Update just tried a Walmart LED and it dims fine with no flicker.

Hi @Robert_Vandervoort
I just want to report a small error.
When using your DH for this Smart Dimmer, I get an error when clicking the Settings-icon.
Then I get into the Settings-page, with a red bar in the top with the text “Error refreshing page”.
After a tap, it goes away, and the only setting I have available is to turn the Smart Dimmer on and off (not really a setting).

But the device works as it should :slight_smile: