Aeon Smart Switch 6 UK

In case anyone is interested… Just picked one of these up now they’ve launched in the UK. Much smaller than their old model and slightly more compact that ST’s own outlet switch. Also has a USB charging port on the side, which is a nice addition.

ST detected as Z-Wave Dimmer Switch, but wouldn’t work reliably (on/off commands were hit and miss, dimmer slider not supported). Used IDE to pick stock ‘Aeon Outlet’ device handler and appears to work fine, albeit with no config options to turn off LED.

Haven’t found a community DH variant (unless someone knows of one) that provides full device control.

Interesting. Where did you pick up from? USB port seems a nice touch. Does the power monitoring trigger from just using the USB port or only the main plug?

what we really could do with is a double socket that can be retrofitted in place of existing wallsocket, with 2 USB ports AND Z-Wave connectivity to Smartthings hub.

Not more of these god awful plug in plugs that mean everything sticks out about 4 inches from the wall.

I wish I knew about manufacturing - I think I could make millions…

And light switches that can be retrofitted in place of existing switches without the need for a Neutral.
Now that would be nice…


Instead they are all completely besotted by providing us with ridiculous bulbs that dont work with our light switches (someone turns off the lightswitch at the wall & youve lost your smartbulb!)

It really isnt difficult, I just feel their priorities are all wrong.

eBay in this instance, but Vesternet and Amazon stock them too.

No power usage reporting at all through ST (at least it hasn’t reported anything yet).

No manual on/off override either, so you’re stuck to using the app or unplugging whatever is attached and hitting the wake-up button. They really should have stuck that on the side of the unit like the ST outlet.

And quite expensive from what I can see.

I will stick with the TKB sockets when I need a socket otherwise I use the Sonoff inline switches.
They work out less than £10 each.

Yeah, they have fluctauted in price. But sometimes the convenience is worth paying for.

Here’s some pics… comparing to the ST outlet too (apologies for the quality)


Do the Sonoff inline switches work ok in the UK and is there a device handler for these?

Just to throw a spanner in the works.
You can fit LightwaveRF sockets and light switches.
These do not integrate durectly with ST but you can integrate them using a Raspberry Pi and the lightwaverf hub.
You can turn on/dim/off via the light switch and also via the ST app or the lightwave app.
Personally I like them but you do have the extra expense of the lightwave hub and a Pi.

I had 3 sonoff in line switches.
One if them started to cause the light it controlled to flicker erratically and them failed although the indicator on it showed it as being on. It also started to get extremely hot.
At that point I removed them all and installed SwiidInter in line switches.
Much more expensive but you do not have to ‘flash’ them and frankly I’m willing to pay more than have my house burn down.
Just my experience and opinion.