Aeon Gen5 Multisensor keeps losing connection?

(Sean Murray) #1

I have a Aeon Gen5 multisensor installed on the vaulted ceiling in my living room. About once every couple weeks or so it stops reporting any information. I have to get a ladder and climb up and take the batteries out and put them back in. Sometimes that works, other times I have to remove and re-add the device. Repairing the z-wave network doesn’t fix it, neither does rebooting the hub. Any ideas why this could be happening?


Had a similar problem with that device albeit not quite as serious. My Multi stayed connnected but every other day the app would complain this device was not yet configured. I would have to go through configuration screens to make the prompts go away then I’d be good for a few days. Funny thing was that this sensor had been in the same room for 2 months without issue.

Someone suggested it might be a range issue. Seems that might be true. I plugged a Range Extender in between hub and sensor and did a repair. Havent seen this problem pop up again.

(Sean Murray) #3

I don’t think range is an issue, though I suppose I could be wrong. The sensor is one room over from where the hub is located, and there are seven other devices (all hardwired switches or outlets) in the same room as the multisensor.


I am hearing reports from multiple friends (some of whom are network engineers) that even though it isn’t supposed to work this way, some of the zwave devices that use the security command class do not appear to be routing repeated messages through nonsecure devices.

Again, that’s not the way it’s supposed to work. But it is becoming a persistent report.

If so, it might be that there’s no other secure device nearby your sensor and that’s the problem.

I do have one friend who insists that even if it looks like that’s what’s happening it’s not what’s happening, but rather that the controller is not decrypting the messages and so they are being abandoned.

It could also be that sometimes it’s one, sometimes the other.

Either of these situations would be a device not living up to the spec, but that does happen sometimes.

So the first test would be to move a flaky device close to the hub for a week IR so and see if the rate of reporting failure changes.