Aeon Labs Multisensor 6 - Z-Wave Plus ZW100-C

Hi i have just bought A Aeon Labs Multisensor 6 - Z-Wave Plus ZW100-C to pair up with my recently bought samsung smartthings V2 but cannot get it working. can some one help please? thank you

Can I ask what part can you not get working. Can you not add it to smartthings Zwave network or something else?

If it’s just that you can’t join the Zwave network then you could always try resetting the device by pressing the Zwave button on the device for 20 seconds to factory reset.mthen after the led lights up for 2 seconds in confirmation, choose to add a new device in the ST app and then once it’s searching for a device then click the Zwave button once. The device should then be found

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Hi Stuart, I have tried resetting the multisensory and no change it will not pair with the smartthing hub v2.

Right now ST has a bug that change the delaybetween command from milliseconds to seconds. As I understand it many device types rely on this function to be in milliseconds. If I were you I would submit a ticket, but this might resolve itself once this update is pushed… Hopefully ST will let us know when the update is pushed into production.

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Did this get fixed? I have 17.12 but still can’t add the sensor even with code from GitHub it doesn’t work.