Aeon Micro Switch G2 Keeps Going OFFLINE

I have paired and Aeon Micro Switch G2 with my Smartthings Hub V2. Everything works fine for about a week and all of a sudden the switch won’t turn back ON, but when I look at the smartthings app on my phone it shows the switch is on. After logging into my IDE, it shows that the switch went OFFLINE so it seems there’s no communication between the HUB and the switch.

In order to get it working again, I have to remove the switch from my list of devices, press the button on the switch for 30 seconds to do a factory reset, then put the switch into pairing mode to pair with the HUB. Then everything works fine for about a week and then switch is OFFLINE and I have to repeat the above steps to get it working again.

Has anyone ran into this and found a solution?



Possible it’s a mesh issue? Try doing a z-wave repair and see if that will help. How far away from the hub and what kind of wall structure do you have?

The hub is about 5 ft away and there’s 1 wood studded wall in between. When pairing, the hub sees the micro switch right away. When I do z-wave network repair, It lists this switch and value is “failure”. It does this twice and then says network repair is finished. When I go back to devices, it still lists it OFFLINE.

try turning the hub 60 or 90 degrees and repair again

I’d move it away from the router but for Zwave should not matter.

@ ero, that also didn’t help.

I ended up removing the device, resetting it to factory default and then pairing it again. I have a feeling it might be something with the smart things mobile app. I"m using the switch to trigger my garage door, so I have a routine setup to turn the switch on, and also an automatically run routine that checks for the switch to be on and then turns it off. I have a feeling that because I can’t put a delay into the routine to turn it off after a couple of seconds, then the routine might execute too quickly and confuses the switch causing it to go offline.