Aeon Labs Micro Switch not repeating?

So I have a outbuilding that is about 75 feet away from the hub and I am using a Aeon Labs Micro Switch to control some interior lighting. I can control the micro switch fine at this distance and it responds to every command I send. The problem is I also have a Ecolink Door & Window sensor 4 feet from the micro switch that does not seem to talk back to the hub. I was under the impression that the Micro Switches also acted as repeaters so I am unsure why I cannot get the door sensor working. Just wondering if anyone else has run into an issue similar to this or is there is a setting I am missing on the switch.

I would start by doing zwave repair. This does not require you to do anything with the devices, it’s just a utility that you run in the mobile app. The repair causes every device to rebuild its address tables so it knows who its real neighbors are, and can greatly improve the efficiency of message transmission.

The range FAQ may also be of interest:

Ok I tried the zwave repair and it seems to not have helped. I have 3 of these micros and I noticed that this one the LED still flashes even though it has been paired and I can control it via the app. the other 2 the LED is solid after pairing. Not sure if that has something to do with it. I have excluded and repaired it multiple times and I cannot get the LED to go solid as it states in the manual.

Unfortunately then it sounds like a bad device. It happens, but it’s very frustrating.

Since it’s on the official “works with smartthings” List you can get in touch with and see if there any more diagnostics they can do from their side.