Aeon Micro Switch G2 doesn't always report correctly in ST

I have 2 of the Aeon Micro Switches, DSC26103-ZWUS.

Each is connected to a different light bulb circuit, using conventional light switches.
One works perfectly,

The second one often does not show “Off” in ST after the light switch is turned off. It changes to ON when I flip the switch to turn it on, but often will still say ON after turning the switch off.
Turning the switch on and then off again updates ST to show Off.

Any thoughts on why this would happen, and how to correct it?

How close is it to the hub? Are you sure you have a strong enough signal? Are you sure you have the switch wired correctly to the Aeon?

Its about 25- 30 feet in a straight line; with one floor between them. Hub on 1st floor, switch in the basement.
I wired it the same way as the other Aeon, which behaves as expected.
A number of other AC powered zwave devices in the area.
Most of the time it indicates on/off correctly in ST and AT, so I would expect that it is wired correctly.

Did you do a Z-wave heal?

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I hadn’t thought to do a zwave repair.
That has been done now, and with a limited amount of testing, the switch seems to be updating in ST and AT properly.