Aeon Micro Controller

(Greg) #1

Today I installed one of these micro controllers for my post lamp in the yard.

I guess I’m still having trouble understanding modes or apps or something. I used the dashboard to set up a program to turn the light on at sunset if the mode is home, night or away And also to turn it off at 10pm if the mode is home or night. However, I can’t figure out how to tell it to turn off at sunrise if the mode is away. I accomplished similar things by making multiple smart apps for my sonos, but it doesn’t appear I can run multiple apps from the dashboard (which has most of the parameters I want to use). I can’t find just a regular smart app that has even the same parameters as the dashboard. Actually sunset was 5:58pm. it’s 6:30pm now and the light didn’t come on via the dashboard set up. I can turn it on manually or via “things” so installation was right.

Ideally I just want it to go on at dusk (I see some apps have the ability to determine sunset by my location, so why can’t I do 30min before sunset?) and turn off at 10pm if I’m home, but stay on all night and turn off at sunrise (or 30min before ideally). I found several different apps that all have a piece of what I want. But no app has everything I want.

Lastly, apparently the micro switch I bought has dimming capabilities. The light isn’t dim able, does that matter? Thanks in advance.

(Different Computers) #2

So the Sunrise/Sunset app doesn’t do what you need? Sure seems like it should. ST controls the lamp fine otherwise?

(Joe Geiger) #3

I have 2 Aeon Micro’s installed and they work great for On/Off. There is quite a lag when I use the dimmer but I can eventually get the setting I want. I am using 2 White Limitless LED lights and incandescents. What kind of bulbs are you using?

(Greg) #4

Sunrise/Sunset is perfect. Guess I didn’t see it because I was searching by “convenience” and “safety and security” instead of by device. Thanks Different Computers.

Joe - I just have a CFL in the post lamp. I don’t want to use the dimmer function. I just wanted to know if I’m going to have an issue since I’m not using a dim able bulb.