Crazy issue with automating sunset/sunrise

I have been having issues with my 3 sengled light strips under my cabinets. This has been about maybe 2 months now. So recently I changed the zigbee channel, reset the lights & set them to go on & off with sunset/sunrise in smart lighting. They didn’t work. 2 lights would show up as on in the app & 1 light would show up as offline. The kicker is after seeing this, I would manually turn on the lights & even though they didn’t turn in automatically they would turn off at sunrise. So for the hell of it I tried an automation with them turning on at a certain time & it worked. I tried it again in smart lighting & same thing. So I tried to setup the automation in alexa & it didn’t work.

For whatever reason, these lights will.not turn on based on sunset & sunrise, but will turn on via an automation at a specific time. Funny thing… my lights will appear online in the app until it was suppose to turn on & then 1 will go offline. I’m going to call smartthings support but I’m not holding my breath. Does.amyone have any suggestions because this is insane. I personally believe samsung screwed up something because everything going back worked fine & had no issues.

Dont know of anyone else is having issues but I just got off the phone with samsung & they said there is a known issue with sunset & sunrise. My solution with my lights is to set it to a specific time, which is not so smart. The rep they have a fix coming & something with location is also being worked on. They also mentioned that they will be a big update for the app. I’m not holding my breath. Just wanted to pass this along.

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Interesting. I have a Smart Lighting automation that turns on some outside lights at sunset. It’s been working for at least 18 months.

That’s why I said with samsung I’m not holding my breath. I have not seen that issue in this forum but who knows. If it doesn’t get fix when the new firmware or app update comes out then I’ll replace my light strip with inovelli or just buy a sengled hub.

Dominick, would you be able to PM me your location ID and rule name, I’d like to take a look and see what I find, thank you.

Sure because my new issue was the lights went on, but didn’t turn off. One question, I dont see samsung in your tag. I would love the help but just want to be careful.

Adrian (@ady624) is legit ST staff and probably the best one in the company to troubleshoot your issue.

Yes I know. I didn’t remember the tag but once I did, hes the father of webcore.

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