Lamp and motion detection with sunrise/sunset?

I have a lamp that is not completely cooperating like I think it should. Two parts to this issue:

  1. I currently have my “Side Foyer Lamp” set up so that it turns on with motion and off when the motion stops two minutes later. However, it is also set up so this happens only between the hours of 7pm and 7am. The system seems to be ignoring the time range I specified. It works with the motion detector at all hours. How can this be reset? Do I have to delete everything and start over?

  2. Assuming I can resolve #1, is there a way to have the range specified as between sunset and sunrise, and not a specific time?



Yes, I have a light setup to come on with motion, off when motion stops +3 minutes, only from sunset to sunrise. In Smart Lighting, under more options, “only during certain time” hit “Starting at” and “Ending at”. You can even out in an offset, + or - in minutes.

Do you ever have issues with the “light off” command not being sent and the light staying on? I have found that I get sporadic commands after the defined waiting period or a random period with my Aeon sensors, but not much with Fibraro sensor. Aeon sensors are outside.

I have not had that issue at all. The only issue I have had is with the Aeon sensor, once a day the sensor reports low battery, then goes back to 90%.