LED Smart Bulb

Looking for a smart LED bulb that has color that does not require a bridge. My network is WEP. I know I know.

LIFX is not supported. Does anyone know any other LED colored bulbs?

Striimlight is expensive, but some community members are using it as a combo speaker and colored bulb. I think @obycode wrote a device handler…

I don’t think there’s a device handler yet, but Aeon has a new Zwave color bulb that works directly with SmartThings without a separate bridge.

Yes, see my github page for the device manager and device type. I like the StriimLight because it is really convenient that it has the DLNA speaker and colored light in one, but it is a little buggy, so be forewarned that you may need to tinker a little. I need to reset them from time to time, and I needed to set a fixed IP to keep them working well. Still, they’re perfect for my use case: At bed time for my kids, first its full white as a reading light, then either at a certain time or on-demand it dims, changes color, and plays lullaby music.

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Just saw this at Best Buy. Misfit

No hub… It’s direct Bluetooth from phone (grrr… Why bother?)…

Bluetooth direct from phone is good for college kids in a dorm room or people in a studio apartment where they spend most of their time on the bed anyway, with their phone right next to them. But there’s no integration with SmartThings, unlike the striimlight and the Aeon.

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Without reading I got excited thinking the Aeon device type was finished without my paying attention… Hopefully once ST is done focusing on Hub V2 they can get crackin on it.

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At $50/bulb, may as well spring for the Hues, they’ve even been on offer for the same price…

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and hue is not supported correct? you need a bridge?

You can apparently attach Hue bulbs directly to the ST hub but from what I’ve read around here is that it’s a bad idea and you should use the bridge, which works with ST.

Correct, as with most systems, not just smartthings, integration with Hue is done by connecting the hue bridge to the smart things network, not the individual hue bulbs.

Many bulbs allow you to reset each bulb individually, usually with a blink method. Hue does not. So you will just find life easier if you use their bridge.

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See I only want one, so buying the Hue hub doesn’t make sense, so I appreciate these efforts.

Roughly $35 on eBay, and probably less from time to time, so, it’s not a huge cost, considering once you have one Hue Bulb, odds are you’ll find a huse (ha!) for more.

But, yup… ST direct connect is eventually the best approach, considering it is all “ZigBee” with subtleties.

I wonder if new hub lets you change ZigBee channel… and any better support for ZLL.

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