Is there an Always On app?

(Stew) #1

I would like to use the Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS - Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch to monitor my sump pump. I tried the multi sense vibration detection but it does not go off. My concern about using the Smart Energy Switch is that it might get accidentally switched off. I was thinking I could write my first Smart App that turns a switch back on when it is switched off. Seems like it should be very simple.

My questions is - does this app already exist?

(Robert Merrill) #2

I’ve done this with IFTTT. I have IFTTT look to see if a switch is turned off, turn it back on. It seems to be almost instant.

Hope this helps.

(Blake Westerdahl) #3

You can do this with the standard Smart Lighting app. You just set it up to turn on switch x when switch x (i.e. The same switch) is turned off. It also runs locally on the V2 hub depending on the device used (runs locally for me with a regular z-wave switch).

Just tested it with the same Aeon switch and it also runs locally.

(Tamara) #4

You can also use @jpansarasa’s custom device type for the Aeon switch. He has added some nice options, including the ability to disable the on/off function of the switch. When that is set, the switch in ST can be tapped, but it doesn’t affect the device itself.

The device type is also written specifically for the Aeon instead of the generic Z-wave energy monitor type. It appears to do a better job at keeping the device active, which seems to affect whether the device will send updates on power to ST automatically.

I was setting up two of these switches to monitor my washer and dryer today, and his device type worked like a charm. The downside is that being a custom device type, it won’t run locally at this time, which means that without internet, any smart apps using the device couldn’t run. But if you’re talking about notifying yourself on something, then odds are the notification won’t happen without internet anyway (unless it’s something local, like a light).