Aeon dsb04100-zwus

So I got six of these devices off of Ebay. They all seem to work. However I can’t get them to connect to ST. Followed all the directions that I found and nothing. Anyone have any suggestions? six?know these are older devices so maybe the fell off of being supported by ST. I would have though maybe one or two devices were bad but all six?

Not sure where you wanted to send me with the link but the link is this same posting.

I have these same sensors, purchased new, and ST easily found and paired to the hub.

Since you bought them off of eBay were they used before. If so they may be paired to another network. Even if they are new it could be that they are paired to the test network before they left the factory. If so, doing a z-wave exclude before you do your z-wave include should help.

Log into the ST IDE and goto My Hubs > View Utilities > Z-Wave Exclude.

Once you do that, just do your normal include.

Hopefully that helps.

Thanks for your response. I will give it a shot when I get home. Seems pretty straight forward.