Aeon Labs Micro Switch G2 Incorrectly Identifies Device Type

I purchased the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Switch, 2nd Edition (DSC18103-ZWUS) for use in my bathroom to control the ceiling light, triggered by a SmartThings Motion Detector.

After stuffing it in the box (and I thought they were supposed to be small) I set to paring the device with my hub. Even though there is a choice under the Things|Switches & Dimmers list for the device (I chose Aeon Micro Illuminator G2 Light Dimmer) it was never able to be seen. Moved the hub closer and powered on/off the breaker was of no help. I finally had to use Things|Connect New Device which gave me the “found a new device, but it is not the correct type” message, but it did pair setting the device type as an Aeon Outlet.

Since it was able to switch the light using the motion detector, I buttoned up the installation figuring I’d change the device type using the IDE. But when I look there, the specific device is not listed - the closest I can find is Aeon Illuminator Module.

I have the following issues/questions:

  • While the dimmer tile is present it doesn’t control the light’s

Will the dimmer feature not work with a simple on/off toggle? I thought it would perform the function of a dimmer.

  • The energy use is being reported in the IDE, though not on the Things
    tile detail view.

Although not a big deal, if it’s there, I’d like to use it.

  • And a follow up to this, is this a cumulative stat, or instanteneous

Seems you purchased the switch module, not the dimmer.
So it was detected correctly.

Ditto here same problem.