Aeon Micro Smart Energy Switch G2 - Paired but not working


I have the following Micro Switch:

I have wired it into the three way live configuration per the following link (3-way w/ live):

The switch paired correctly and detected the correct mode of operation "3way wall switch mode"
The lights function fine from either of the 3 way wall switches.
The switch was recognized by smarthings as an “Aeon Outlet” and seems to do nothing when I toggle the switch in the application.

I found a snippet of code on a custom device type here:
Smartthings Foum Post with code snippit

I tried the custom devicetype which seems to better match my switch in capability but the switch still does nothing when toggled from the smartthings application. Any help would be appreciated.

(Mike Maxwell) #2

Try replacing the device with this one:
“Aeon Illuminator Module”, remove the capability “Switch Level” line so it doesn’t present to ST as a dimmer.

(Todd Whitehead) #3

How do you know what mode of operation it picked?


The switch can be operated in several modes. I have connected the switch in the live 3-way configuration. If the switch were operating in any other mode the two 3way wall switches would not operate the light correctly.

Since the light is working correctly with both 3way switches I know it detected and is operating in the love 3-way mode.


I will try that as soon as I get home. I am surprised smartthings doesn’t have a greater library of devices. You would think that someone else had used this switch and publically published it by now.

(Mike Maxwell) #6

I have…
It’s the non energy version, but allows for setting the various device options in the preference tile.



thanks for your help. I ended up removing the device and adding it back again. This time it automatically configured itself as one of the custom devices I had defined for the micro switch (link above). Switch seems to work fine now. Odd thing is that I had manually set the device type to the very same configuration manually in the IDE and it didn’t seem to make a diff until I removed and re-added it.

(Dennis Tegenbosch) #8


I had the same problem, and i have both versions of the Aeon switches (smart energy and the normal one).
It happends only with the smart version of the aeon micro switch.

At one moment the switch just freezes, is always on in the app but wont respond to a command (and is in fact off).you have to remove it and add it again, so it will work, till it happend again.

Now i will try the above device types to see if this stops freezing the smart micro switch :slight_smile:

(Craig) #9


Did you get issues with the device after you had altered anything within the IDE?

I found that when I make any changes (Save, Publish etc) to the Aeon Switch (G2 with energy) you Must click the configure button in the app under the device first before turning it on off etc.

Something in the config settings is sent to the device, all I know is that I have made loads of changes to these Aeon Switches and as long as I hit the config button after making these changes it seems to always behave as per. The one time I didn’t do this, it behaved with delayed Reponses and kept getting stuck in the ON position within the app.