Aeon Labs Micro switch/dimmer question

So I have 4 outside dual PAR38 flood lights. With the way the deck is being redone we don’t want them all on or all off, but they currently have one switch.

So my thought is to remove the switch and just put a blank cover there or a scene switch that work with ST, that doesn’t actually connect through to the lights.

Then in each fixture box put in an Aeon Labs Z-Wave Micro Dimmer or switch (Depending on the light). I just want to verify that this will work, and allow me to control each light with ST? I am assuming I don’t actually have to have a switch attached to the Micro switch.

These are the switches I am looking at:
Can I get this one with the Energy Illuminator? Couldn’t find one on Amazon

This one with the Energy Illuminator, Can ST read this data,by default or with a custom devices?

Anyone see any issues with this?


I am using one of these “Micro Switch” versions with a standard ST devicetype, and it reports KWH, not KW/watts.

It should work at least that well with whatever Aeon micro module you get. Both the “Micro Switch” and the “Micro Dimmer” have an input for the wall switch override, that you can install or not, using your existing wall switch with a small gauge wire.

The finer distinctions between “Micro Illuminator” and “Micro Dimmer” elude me.

I did this on my deck, but used GE Link smart bulbs instead of the Aeon modules. It works really well!


Are you using the Par38 bulbs? If so how are they working? How do they compare to a 90/100 watt regular flood? I thought about that method as well. it works out close on cost, but a lot more work with the micro switches.

Well, I’m using 2 par 38 bulbs in one of those Y light sockets. (I had to buy a new one that didn’t have metal shields covering the whole bulb.)

And I put a standard bulb in the light fixture next to the door

Brightness seems okay. I don’t use them very often, so not sure about the brightness.

They are only like $20. If they work, they will be much cheaper and easier.


Ya all mine are in the Y config. 2 bulbs per fixture. One set I need to light out about 60 feet due to how high up it is. I am going to order a couple bulbs and see if they are bright enough then, easy test and I have other places to use them if they aren’t.


Mine are up by the second story Windows. They seem bright enough to me.

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Anyone seen issues where the app is not reporting the status of the light when flipping it at the physical switch? Sometimes this happens for me. When I do a refresh, then it gives the updated status.

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Is there anyway to change the physical device to have instant on and off instead of the slow dim?

Same issue here.

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