Aeon Micro Switch No Energy Usage Reporting Back

I have installed a Aeon Micro Switch and it was paired as a standard Z-wave switch. It works just fine but I can’t get any energy usage back from it. Do I need to change the device in IDE to something else. I saw in another post about the dimmer being paired wrong but this is not a dimmer just a switch.


If you go to My Devices ( ), and Edit that switch, you can manually change the device type.

But what type should I make it? If I do aeon illuminated I get a dimmer control and it doesn’t have the dimmer just on/off.

Oh, I’m not sure which device type if there’s not an obvious choice, hopefully someone on here has a custom device type. I don’t have any of these myself.

I don’t have one to test but you might try the Z-Wave Metering Switch device type.

The Aeon Switches I do have are all using custom device types to get better/more functionality.

Here is a topic on the Micro with custom device type.

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I changed it to the Z-wave meter but one other thing i am having trouble with is if I use the Switch on the wall to change state it never shows up in ST as the other state. So when I hit the button on my phone it doesn’t work then i have to hit it again. I will try and make a custom device and see what happens.

Ok I tried the custom code on the page you linked to. But I have to tap Refresh on the app to get the state to update. why doesn’t it update automatically